Backboard Ball Touches Rebounding Drill develops endurance on the basketball court

Rebounding is a big part of a basketball game. Coaches want players to grab the ball with both hands, power through and maintain a good well-balanced and stable body position.

The Backboard Ball Touches Rebounding Drill does all that and more. All you need is a basketball and the basketball goal. Players of all sizes can be successful with this drill with the height adjustable Goalrilla Goal Basketball goal. It adjusts from 7.5 to 10 feet so players of all sizes can practice this drill for intermediate and advanced level players. The Basketball Goal Store is the largest on-line retailer of Goalrilla Basketball Goals.

Body position is important

The player should be positioned slightly in front of the right half of the backboard with a basketball in both hands. The feet should be spread slightly wider than shoulder width apart, knees and hips flexed.

Player squeezes the basketball between the hands like he is trying to pop it.

The drill:

The player starts by squatting and touching the basketball to the ground and then explodes upward aggressively tapping the basketball off of the backboard maintaining the squeezing position of the hands on the ball. The ball always stays in the hands of the player. He then repeats the motion from squat to tapping the backboard 9 times. On the last (10th) upward motion, the player executes a layup banking the basketball off of the backboard to score with the right hand.

The drill is then repeated on the left side, with the last motion, the layup, being executed with the left hand.

Two repetitions which includes one rep on the right and one on the left equals one set. Player should execute 3 sets.

Not only is this a great drill for body position for rebounding, it is also a good conditioning drill to build endurance.

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team


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