The Goalrilla Goal Basketball Hoop and Block-to-Elbow Low Post Shooting Drill are a great combination for beginners

Ah, patience. Beginning basketball players usually don’t have any, do they?

That’s one of the reasons why drills are so good for beginners and drills with shooting elements – well that just makes their hearts race. Because in the beginning, basketball is all about shooting baskets and little else.

Parents tell us all the time how excited kids are to make baskets and how the Goalrilla Goal is great for everyone in the family because you can adjust the height of the hoop. That’s one of the first things we hear about when we answer the phone at the Basketball Goal Store!

Adjusting the height of the hoop is very beneficial for beginners. If the hoop and goal are too high, the player strains to make the basket and loses their form. If you want to teach good fundamentals, providing the best equipment at the proper heights pays big dividends.

With drills like the Block-to-Elbow Low Post Shooting Drill, both the coach and the player get something they want. The coach gets the player to practice concentrating on form and consistent movement. He also can coach the player into developing patience by not rushing to shoot but instead, setting his position and then taking the shot. The player gets to do what he wants – shoot layups and jump shots.

There are several steps to the drill as shown in the video, which are modifications from the advanced version explained and shown in a previous blog post.

The modifications include an adjustment in the distance. Beginners work in the midrange shooting area and the drill lasts 1 to 1 1/2 minutes. Staying in motion with consistent movement and fundamentally-correct positioning can make that minute-and-a-half feel like 30 minutes for a beginner.

Build endurance by giving a short break and then running the drill again. Repetition is a great strengthener and having a home court with a Goalrilla Goal Basketball hoop means being able to run the drill, repeat – eat supper – and then repeat again. The twap, twap, twap of a dribbling basketball can start as early in the morning or continue into the evening without too much being said by the neighbors!

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team



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