Outlet and Finish (Partner): Goalrilla G Trainer Basketball Drill

The Goalrilla G Trainer is an excellent tool to assist in the practice of the basketball outlet and finish drill. The drill is used to simulate a steal and a fast break, or an outlet pass under the basketball goal. By placing the G Trainer near half-court and setting it at a steep angle, the practice player can use the Goalrilla G Trainer’s awesome flexibility to execute this drill. Using an overhand soccer-style pass, the player must bounce the basketball off of the Goalrilla G Trainer and run towards the hoop as the rebounded ball heads towards the basketball goal. The goal of the drill is to catch the ball over the shoulder in time to execute a layup, power layup, dunk, or reverse layup.

Through practice and timing, the player can achieve an exceptional rhythm that will simulate game conditions. Starting on the right side of the basketball hoop, run the outlet and finish drill for thirty to sixty seconds before switching to the other side of the net. Working both sides of the basket goal will give the player a good sense for body control and timing under the net. Depending on how hard the original pass is, the practitioner will need to adjust their body on the fly much as they would in a real game. Catching the ball over the shoulder improves balance and peripheral vision that will aid in all facets of basketball play.

Practicing the outlet and finish drill is an excellent way for an individual player to warm-up using the Goalrilla G Trainer. By switching sides ever minute or so, basketball players can warm their muscles up without straining them too much. Developing the hand-eye coordination necessary to properly execute the drill will improve the game time decision making processes. Timing is crucial in order to completing a proper pass under the basketball goal and the Goalrilla G Trainer is the perfect tool for perfecting that timing. The outlet lob is an essential part of any transition offense and practicing it is part of any good coach’s practice drills.

The Goalrilla G Trainer allows a player to practice consistency in the original pass and stride timing as the ball is ricocheted from the face of the G Trainer and lobbed over the player’s shoulder. By using the appropriate force in the original pass, the player can time their strides to coincide precisely with the location of the ball in order to catch and seamlessly transition to the basketball goal. If the ball is passed with too much force, it will be out of bounds before the player can reach the basket. If the ball is passed short, it will force the player to stop early where a layup will turn into a short jumper that is susceptible to a block by opposing players. By creating the proper stride for stride rhythm, basketball players will improve their timing under the basketball hoop, decreasing reaction time and increasing scoring.

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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