Reverse Pivot 1 Dribble 3 Point Jump Shot (Individual)

As a coach or an individual athlete, the Goalrilla Basketball Goals are going to help you do basketball drills, whether working out in a team session, or in an individual setting. When using the Goalrilla G Trainer, players are going to be able to cut back on the time they are working on drills, and are going to be able to perform more drills properly, since they do not have to worry about any distractions when they are practicing.

In this training video using Goalrilla Basketball Goals, the player will have the G Trainer set up under one basket, and will do a full court drill. In this drill players will:

– Dribble towards the G Trainer and will make a chest pass from the opposite free throw line.
– By passing the ball to the G Trainer, it will float in above head, and will return to the player at about the 3 point line.
– Once they make the pass, players will turn around (towards the basket they are going to shoot at), and will catch the ball from above their shoulder.
– Once they receive the ball, they will take a pivot turn, and take a three point jump shot (or will take a dribble, and shoot from a little closer in).

This drill allows the basketball player to work on all aspects, from passing, to receiving, turning, shooting, and the pivot step.

The Goalrilla G Trainer is going to allow players to focus on proper passing technique, as well as receiving the pass. Since they are making the pass themselves, and receiving the ball, they will learn proper placement, meaning during a game, players are going to be able to move at a faster speed, even if they do not receive the perfect over head pass in transition. This basketball drill also focuses on transition play. In the event the defense does get back during a fast break opportunity, the player is working on a stop and pop shot in this drill, or a stop, single dribble, and pop shot. Therefore, even if the opportunity for a fast break is broken up, the player is going to be prepared to stop and take a decent looking jump shot or three point shot, in order to potentially still score on a play, as opposed to stopping, having to wait for teammates, and setting up an entire offensive play.

The Goalrilla G Trainer is a great tool to utilize in a practice setting, and it allows you to practice full court, even if you are working out on your own. With a drill such as this, basketball players are working on all major aspects of the offensive play. From the distance shot, to a mid range jump shot, passing, and properly receiving a pass; with Goalrilla basketball goals and trainers, players are going to be able to focus on the entire spectrum of their offensive game, and will be able to perfect a fast break opportunity, even if the defense gets back in on transition.

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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