Could you be a professional basketball player?

There’s nothing better than a highly competitive basketball game, especially when you’re surrounded by great friends and you have a great view of the court- because you happened to score some great seats. There’s an awesome energy created by the loyal fans. Everything works together- the cheering and buzzers, sudden scores out of nowhere and last-minute wins. It’s all a magical mix of incredible athletic skill that makes for some very exciting entertainment – and we’re all grateful it’s back for 2012!

But have you ever wondered why the game of basketball can be such a profitable game for those who play professionally? Ever wondered how that very elite group of players made it to the top? Well it’s all about their diehard commitment to quick thinking, fast movement, strategy and talent.

On the down side, professional ball players live out of suitcases several times every season when they travel across the country to play. After a while, the fun of that jet setting life fades and many athletes would honestly like to just go home after work like most of America.

A professional athlete’s body takes a beating, too. Sprains and other types of injuries can eventually become chronic problems for them. But they do it for the love of the game and the fans. They also may do it for the cash. And we’re talking a lot of cash. So if you’ve been dreaming about one day making it to the top, here’s some motivation for you to lace up your shoes and make a serious commitment to the game.

The highest paid basketball player is Kobe Bryant of the LA Lakers. Bryant rakes in a cool $25.2 million each year- for knowing when to dribble, throw and shoot. Not bad, huh? But let’s say you aren’t quite the athlete that Bryant is. Let’s say you are Baron Davis of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Nothing against Davis, but he happens to be the professional basketball player who makes the least amount of money. Poor guy, he brings in only $13.9 million each year.

If you are the person who has the skill to get to the top, that’s the type of income that awaits you. So what are you waiting for? Get busy. And nothing will help you get started on the road more than time under your own Goalrilla Goal basketball hoop! We have everything you need at the Basketball Goal Store to set up a home practice court, including tips on everything from what to look for when buying a basketball goal to deciding on the best location to install a basketball hoop.

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