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The Defensive Slide always looks easy on a seasoned basketball player, doesn’t it? Closing out and transitioning into another stance or direction almost seems like a natural movement. You can bet the farm that it wasn’t like for the player when he was a beginner. There is just so much to learn and master in the beginning. Beginners really benefit from a Goalrilla Goal Basketball hoop. The height can be adjusted so they learn the fundamentals without straining and the safety and durability of the one-piece pole system makes mom and dad happy because they can get years – in… Read more »

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Eliminate the bob and gallop for your beginner with a good defensive drill like the Wall Ball and Slide Defensive Drill. Gearing the drill down to a beginner level is easy. The main concentration for beginners is staying in the stance with a forceful drive and recover pattern. Concentrate on a few key elements: Stay down in the defensive stance – keep the head level and butt down to prevent bobbing and galloping. Drive and recover – keep the underhand toss of the ball not too high and with enough force to prevent it from bouncing on the ground. Stay… Read more »

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