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Besides teaching beginners the fundamentals so they develop good skills, there is usually a period of strengthening that is needed. Beginners often favor their dominant side on the basketball court. Even with a height adjustment on the Goalrilla Goal Basketball system, right handed beginners will go to the right side of the court and shoot with their right hand most often. One drill we recommend here at the Basketball Goal Store is the Wall Ball Dribble Drill. Especially for beginners, this drill will help to strengthen the non-dominant side hand, wrist, arm and shoulder. Not only will the player develop… Read more »

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We are back to good fundamentals with the Wall and Ball Two Hand Pass Drill. Playing basketball looks so easy when you’re sitting in the stands. But for players, good players, that easy look is developed through practice and concentration on mastering fundamental skills. This drill will help you do that. All you need is a basketball and a wall (with no windows!). Combine this drill with a one-minute shooting drill around the court and in square in front of your Goalrilla Goal Basketball Goal and you will have a complete practice in your driveway or on your home court.… Read more »

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Eliminate the bob and gallop for your beginner with a good defensive drill like the Wall Ball and Slide Defensive Drill. Gearing the drill down to a beginner level is easy. The main concentration for beginners is staying in the stance with a forceful drive and recover pattern. Concentrate on a few key elements: Stay down in the defensive stance – keep the head level and butt down to prevent bobbing and galloping. Drive and recover – keep the underhand toss of the ball not too high and with enough force to prevent it from bouncing on the ground. Stay… Read more »

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Just about everyone favors one hand over another. There are two camps: those full of right-handers and those with the left-handers. On the basketball court that usually means that one hand is stronger than the other. But there is a great drill to develop strength in whichever side is your weaker side while developing ball handling and wraparound passing skills. That is the Wall and Ball Wrap Around Bounce Pass Drill. The player will need three things: a solid brick or concrete wall (no windows!) a basketball the pad off your Goalrilla Goal Basketball Hoop to stand in as a mock… Read more »

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When you dribble a basketball, there’s a lot going on: fingertip control, dexterity, hand and wrist strength and proficient ball handling. Add defensive players applying pressure on the court and an intense game, and it’s evident who’s mastered the fundamentals. I was talking to Bobby Plump (remember the winning shot when the small town won the Indiana state championship in the movie, Hoosiers? The real person on the actual Milan team who made that shot was Bobby Plump) – anyway, Bobby commented that moving with a basketball in his hands was a natural feeling – second nature. I think that’s… Read more »

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