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If you have ever heard mothers of very young children when said child has a drinking cup in front of him, you will undoubtedly hear, “Use two hands” as they allow the child to drink on his own. The same can be said when it comes to passing in basketball. Use both hands. Two hand passes come in a variety of forms, but mastering the fundamentals of all of them will result in peak performance on all basketball courts, even the Goalrilla Goal Basket Goal court you have at home. Let’s look at the fundamentals of a Two Hand Bounce Pass.… Read more »

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Just about everyone favors one hand over another. There are two camps: those full of right-handers and those with the left-handers. On the basketball court that usually means that one hand is stronger than the other. But there is a great drill to develop strength in whichever side is your weaker side while developing ball handling and wraparound passing skills. That is the Wall and Ball Wrap Around Bounce Pass Drill. The player will need three things: a solid brick or concrete wall (no windows!) a basketball the pad off your Goalrilla Goal Basketball Hoop to stand in as a mock… Read more »

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For beginners and intermediate players, mastering the fundamentals of passing is crucial to building a team on the court. Develop that passing proficiency and confidence with the Wall and Ball Two Hand Chest Pass Drill. All you need is a wall (with no windows) and a basketball. Combine this drill with a drill shooting baskets on your Goalrilla Goal Basketball Goal in your driveway or on your home court. (With answers to all your questions and the best equipment available, the Basketball Goal Store is the place to go for your Goalrilla Goal Basketball system.) Players can engage in an independent routine of… Read more »

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