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If you have ever heard mothers of very young children when said child has a drinking cup in front of him, you will undoubtedly hear, “Use two hands” as they allow the child to drink on his own. The same can be said when it comes to passing in basketball. Use both hands. Two hand passes come in a variety of forms, but mastering the fundamentals of all of them will result in peak performance on all basketball courts, even the Goalrilla Goal Basket Goal court you have at home. Let’s look at the fundamentals of a Two Hand Bounce Pass.… Read more »

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Something really interesting happens when a group of avid basketball fans watch a game – and it doesn’t matter when, what level or even what gender is being watched. I call it “remember when …” because those are the words that start sentences in those conversations. Dedicated fans remember specific shots or fouls or events like shattering backboards like they happened last night. But it’s not just the fans – listen to players. They all have someone whose career they’ve followed – someone they admire and aspire to be like (at least on the court). And that’s a good thing.… Read more »

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