Grab the rim strategy easy to teach with adjustable height Goalrilla Basketball Goals

Something really interesting happens when a group of avid basketball fans watch a game – and it doesn’t matter when, what level or even what gender is being watched. I call it “remember when …” because those are the words that start sentences in those conversations.

Dedicated fans remember specific shots or fouls or events like shattering backboards like they happened last night. But it’s not just the fans – listen to players.

They all have someone whose career they’ve followed – someone they admire and aspire to be like (at least on the court). And that’s a good thing.

Watch and learn

In fact, coaches encourage players to watch the great players through the years – to learn from them. They’ll say thing like, “Watch for…

  • how his arm looks like a swan on his follow-through,
  • how he releases the ball to put back spin on it,
  • or, in Jerry West’s case – how he releases the ball at the top of his jump.”

Analyzing shots – including those missed – can be very informative.

For instance, watching missed shots, you’ll see that many (if not most) are missed not because they are shot too short or too long, but because they are a little to the right or left. And knowing that can help every player develop techniques to avoid that trap.

Besides using the shooting square as a target, there’s another little trick that coaches – and parents – can teach youngsters anywhere – even with your own Goalrilla Basketball Goal at your house.

Grab the rim

Or at least act like you’re grabbing the rim. With the Goalrilla Goal adjustable down to 7.5 feet high, square up the youngster with the goal and instruct them to shoot , extending their arm straight to grab the rim of the basketball hoop. If the youngster grabs the rim straight on, he isn’t turning his hand to the left or right, he’s in balance AND he’ll have a straight follow-through.

Once players get the knack of it, they can visualize the process instead of actually grabbing the rim.

That’s one of the great features of the Goalrilla Basketball Goal – it adjusts from 7.5 to 10 feet – growing with your family – and allowing parents to teach proper form and techniques at an earlier age.

Here at the Basketball Goal Store we hear about youngsters growing up – and developing good skills on their home Goalrilla Goal basketball court – call us at (800) 689-0281 to find out everything you need to know to provide a safe, quality in-ground basketball hoop for your family.

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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