Premium equipment like the in-ground Goalrilla Basketball Goal builds player confidence

A little confidence goes a long way. Yeah, right – but on the basketball court?

Yes, especially on the basketball court.

Coaches can help most players improve shooting form to improve their shooting percentage, but that doesn’t mean those shots will score. Some players just don’t have the touch – or the confidence.

There’s a difference between a shooter and a scorer.

Take Elgin Baylor – if you don’t know, he is considered the progenitor of Michael Jordan – he could shoot and he could score. Known as a player whose bottom half might be off balance, the top half of his body was always square to the basket – and he scored.

Then, speaking of Michael Jordan, well, he simply oozed uber-personified confidence. Ultra competitive, he simply would not accept defeat – ever. He holds records few will ever get close to even thinking about.

Confidence comes from knowing, and practice develops knowing

  • the way to move your body (form and technique),
  • the feel (soft and gentle, smooth), and
  • the equipment (hard or soft rim, responsive backboard).

“Swish” describes that soft, feathery sound as the basketball drops through the hoop without touching the rim, being hugged by the net. There was a reason Jamaal Wilkes (Los Angeles Lakers, ‘70s) was called “Silk.” It’s a smooth motion and gentle touch that makes a swish.

Many players – like today’s Pacer’s owner, Larry Bird, would swish a lot of shots – but also scored with many that circled the rim or bounced off the backboard.

Practice the bank shot (like Celtics Sam Jones), the off-balance shot or the un-balanced on the bottom, but aligned on the top (like Elgin Baylor) as well as the swish to build the confidence you need to be a shooter – and a scorer.

Use premium equipment to build confidence

Practice at home using premium, in-ground equipment like the Goalrilla Basketball Goal with its

  • flexible rim that is not directly connected to the backboard glass,
  • shorter board arms allowing for less vibration in the backboard, and
  • height adjustability to accommodate players of all ages.

Goalrilla Basketball Goal systems are available in a variety of sizes to fit most all budgets. We are a volume buyer – which means we can pass the savings on to you – including free delivery! Call us at (800) 689-0281 or visit the Basketball Goal Store for more information.

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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