Develop Alpha Dog character on your own home basketball court

Look at most every group – sports team, social organization even a political organization – and you’ll be able to sort out the Alpha Dog – the top dog that everyone follows.

Sometimes in very talented groups the Alpha Dog isn’t evident right away, but then something happens and bingo – there he (or she) is!

They seem to fall into two categories:

  • Those who inspire others to follow and support them
  • Those who are awed and feared by those around them

For instance, Bill Russell inspired his teammates. Bills Simmons relates this story in The Book of Basketball, which speaks to the kind of teammate Bill Russell was:

“Right after Russell’s Celtics won the last of their championships in 1969, a crew of friends, employees, owners and media members poured into Boston’s locker room expecting the typical routine of champagne spraying and jubilant hugs. Russell asked every outsider to leave the locker room for a few minutes. The players wanted to savor the moment with each other, he explained, addition to nobody in particular, “We are each other’s friends.”

On the other hand, Wilt Chamberlain was a tremendous player and another Alpha Dog. Simmons tells about chamberlain’s obsession with a streak – to complete his career without fouling out. That obsession would be to the detriment of his team. Simmons quotes John Havlicek:

“When he (Chamberlain) got that fourth foul, his game would change. I don’t know how many potential victories he may have cheated his team out of by not really playing after he got into foul territory.”

Hmm. Team player?

Develop Alpha Dog character in your children

A great place to teach leadership skills is on a home basketball court. Playing hoops and developing skills that make one player stand out above his peers is also the time to learn how to inspire and bring up the team instead of grandstanding.

That one of the reasons parents call us at the Basketball Goal Store. We offer the best in premium, in-ground basketball goals – the Goalrilla Goal – at prices you can’t beat anywhere (delivery is free too!).

Parents know that team sports teach youngsters skills that they can apply to all areas in life. By creating a place at home, parents can teach those ethics on a regular basis – and in the manner they want – without other, less positive, behaviors are on display.

Build confidence and character on a basketball court at home.

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-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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