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Immediately after the school bus pulls away I hear the familiar twap-twap of a basketball dribble on the home basketball court next door. (Backyard basketball courts are a blessing for families because everyone, regardless of age or ability, can have fun – and get exercise – with an adjustable Goalrilla Basketball Goal. Basketball Goal Store has a huge stock ready for delivery. Today, mixed in with the twap-twap-twap was a seemingly heated “discussion,” but all I could catch was “Michael Jordan.”   When I remember Michael Jordan, I always think of two things: air and aggression MJ’s leaps were unbelievable and no one can dispute he was an aggressive player. One… Read more »

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A little confidence goes a long way. Yeah, right – but on the basketball court? Yes, especially on the basketball court. Coaches can help most players improve shooting form to improve their shooting percentage, but that doesn’t mean those shots will score. Some players just don’t have the touch – or the confidence. There’s a difference between a shooter and a scorer. Take Elgin Baylor – if you don’t know, he is considered the progenitor of Michael Jordan – he could shoot and he could score. Known as a player whose bottom half might be off balance, the top half… Read more »

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