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Immediately after the school bus pulls away I hear the familiar twap-twap of a basketball dribble on the home basketball court next door. (Backyard basketball courts are a blessing for families because everyone, regardless of age or ability, can have fun – and get exercise – with an adjustable Goalrilla Basketball Goal. Basketball Goal Store has a huge stock ready for delivery. Today, mixed in with the twap-twap-twap was a seemingly heated “discussion,” but all I could catch was “Michael Jordan.”   When I remember Michael Jordan, I always think of two things: air and aggression MJ’s leaps were unbelievable and no one can dispute he was an aggressive player. One… Read more »

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So you have a son or daughter who got a taste of basketball at summer camp or saw a really exciting clip on YouTube and now they want to play. That’s great! Call us at the Basketball Goal Store and since we are the No. 1 online retailer, we can set you up with the best premium, in-ground Goalrilla Goal Basketball System for your own home basketball installation. (If you didn’t already know, a Goalrilla Goal purchase will get you a lifetime of fun and health benefits and we have great prices and quick delivery!) Anyway, we also like to help parents teach these… Read more »

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  Two minutes of your time on your Goalrilla Goal Basketball home basketball court – repeated – can improve the quality of your basketball handling and dribble skills. Dexterity plays a big part in ball handling proficiency and one of the ways to improve that is to practice with dual ball drills. Two Ball Dribble Drill Depending on the level of the player, intensity of this drill should start low with beginners up to game-like intensity for advanced players. The drill is one set of 2 minutes, which is repeated. The player begins with a ball in each hand, standing in an athletic stance with feet… Read more »

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