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Two minutes of your time on your Goalrilla Goal Basketball home basketball court – repeated – can improve the quality of your basketball handling and dribble skills. Dexterity plays a big part in ball handling proficiency and one of the ways to improve that is to practice with dual ball drills.

Two Ball Dribble Drill

Depending on the level of the player, intensity of this drill should start low with beginners up to game-like intensity for advanced players. The drill is one set of 2 minutes, which is repeated. The player begins with a ball in each hand, standing in an athletic stance with feet spread slightly wider than shoulder width apart.

  1. Start by dribbling the basketballs simulataneously.
  2. Mix in alternating dribbles (such as one basketball being dribbled downward as the other basketball is coming upward).
  3. Mix in alternating heights (for example, dribble one ball close to the floor while the other is waist high).

As skills mentioned are developed, extend the ball handling ability to include executing dribbling ball exchanges. This happens as the player executes a crossover switching hands with the balls. Vary the heights of the balls during exchanges.

Move on to more complex levels by executing two-ball dribble combinations (a few are between the legs, behind the back, double basketballs between the legs).

NOTE: If the basketballs hit each other and bounce off in opposite directions, retrieve them as quickly as possible, reset into your starting stance and continue the drill until the 2 minutes is up.

Start at the beginning and move upward through the skill complexity as hand and eye, hand agility and hand dexterity improves. Practice for 2 minutes, rest a minute and then repeat.

The player should work on the continued development of their ball handling ability by executing any and all dribble combinations to include simultaneous ball dribbles, alternating dribbles, ball exchanges and advanced combination drills for one set of 2 minutes.

Anything goes (we love to say that at the Basketball Goal Store!) – You are free to try any dribbling move you want to master in this drill. However – you want to stay fundamentally sound in your practice. Work hard and have fun!

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team


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