Let beginners develop basketball handling skills on a home court

Capitalize on all that energy kids have by challenging them to learn and develop new basketball skills on your home court. Kids think it’s fun to try to do something new and get faster and better at it while being encouraged and guided by someone like mom, dad, uncle, aunt or coach.

Do that with a modified 55-second garden gloves dribbling drill.

There are a few things you won’t need for the beginner’s drill:

  • the Goalrilla Basketball Goal (at least not until you’re done with the practice to shoot for fun!)
  • the garden gloves
  • just 55 seconds

The 55 Second Garden Gloves Dribbling Drill for beginners

The whole idea behind the garden gloves is to create an obstacle to the sense of touch to improve ball handling and hand agility. For new players, we want to develop that sense of touch and grip! So, forget the gloves.

Also forget the 55 seconds! The goal is to improve the pace and proficiency on each segment.

Set up two cones or something as an obstacle in the path of the player.

Since the idea is to improve agility and profiency in ballhandling, you may have to make adjustments like having the player go forward to and from start instead of switching and going backwards.

The player will still make 4 passes from one end of the court (or driveway) and back while executing the moves outlined below. You’ll need two basketballs for the last pass.

  • Pass One: Dribble down the floor with the right hand. Return back dribbling with the left hand.
  • Pass Two: Pretzel Walk the ball to the end of the court. Coming back, execute a backwards pretzel walk. (A pretzel walk is moving the ball beneath the knee from inside out alternating from one leg to the other. Refer to video for a demonstration.)
  • Pass Three: Starting with the right hand, the player dribbles down the court until he reaches a cone where he will complete an individual move (crossover, behind the back, etc) and then proceed. On the return, dribble with the left hand, executing another individual move before getting back to the start position.
  • Pass Four: On the last pass down the court, with a ball in each hand, dribble the balls simultaneously – synchronizing rhythm.

Ball handling and dribbling skill and confidence comes with experience and this kind of drill helps develop both – and for young kids – it’s all fun!!

When you’re done with the drill, adjust to the perfect height of the Goalrilla Basketball hoop for your player and shoot some baskets or play a quick game. Here at The Basketball Goal Store, we know you’ll probably wear out before the kids – and definitely before the Goalrilla Basketball Goal!!

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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