Develop basketball handling skills in 55 second dribbling drill

Got a minute for a drill on your home basketball court?

You won’t need to adjust the height of the Goalrilla Basketball Goal for this drill, because it’s all about dribbling – there isn’t a shot in it. (Although when you’re done, you can make all the baskets you want!)

The 55 Second Garden Gloves Dribbling Drill

Grab a pair of mom or dad’s garden gloves for this drill. (Just remember to put them back when you’re finished!)

The idea behind the garden gloves is to create an obstacle and challenge you to improve ball handling and hand agility. When you wear the gloves, the natural sense of touch is taken away so you really have to focus on maintaining control when you have less grip.

The player will make 4 passes from one end of the court (or driveway) and back dribbling the ball while executing the moves outlined below. You’ll need two basketballs for the last pass.

  • Pass One: Speed dribble down the floor with the right hand. Return back speed dribbling with the left hand.
  • Pass Two: Starting with the right hand, dribble down the court and execute to individual moves (between the legs, inside out dribble, behind the back, etc). On the return, dribble with the left hand, executing two or three individual moves before getting back to the start position.
  • Pass Three: Pretzel Walk the ball to the end of the court. Coming back, execute a backwards pretzel walk. (A pretzel walk is moving the ball beneath the knee from inside out alternating from one leg to the other. Refer to video for a demonstration.)
  • Pass Four: On the last trip down the court, with a ball in each hand, dribble the balls simultaneously – synchronizing rhythm.  Returning, dribble the balls at the same time, but not in rhythm.

Try to accomplish all four passes in less than 55 seconds. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t, just keep trying to reduce your time.

Ball handling and dribbling skills are the hallmark of some of the best players ever to hit the court and those great players to come in the future. The Basketball Goal Store not only wants to provide the in ground Goalrilla Basketball hoop for your home court, but drills like this one to help you develop the hand agility and confidence you need to dazzle everyone on the court!

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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