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Adding challenge to practice drills develops skills for players, especially advanced players who have a good grasp of the fundamentals. All of us here at the Basketball Goal Store know that the fundamentals are important, but refining skills is the focus of practice for advanced players. A good ball handling drill for advanced players that offers some challenge is the Six Chair Garden Gloves Dribbling Drill. Six folding chairs are set up in two rows. Each row is 10 feet apart and each chair in each of the rows is 10 feet apart. The player will dribble twice between chairs… Read more »

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Capitalize on all that energy kids have by challenging them to learn and develop new basketball skills on your home court. Kids think it’s fun to try to do something new and get faster and better at it while being encouraged and guided by someone like mom, dad, uncle, aunt or coach. Do that with a modified 55-second garden gloves dribbling drill. There are a few things you won’t need for the beginner’s drill: the Goalrilla Basketball Goal (at least not until you’re done with the practice to shoot for fun!) the garden gloves just 55 seconds The 55 Second… Read more »

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Got a minute for a drill on your home basketball court? You won’t need to adjust the height of the Goalrilla Basketball Goal for this drill, because it’s all about dribbling – there isn’t a shot in it. (Although when you’re done, you can make all the baskets you want!) The 55 Second Garden Gloves Dribbling Drill Grab a pair of mom or dad’s garden gloves for this drill. (Just remember to put them back when you’re finished!) The idea behind the garden gloves is to create an obstacle and challenge you to improve ball handling and hand agility. When… Read more »

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