Develop leg strength on a basketball goal system at home

Let’s talk about legs. Of course, with all the action on a basketball court, leg strength and endurance is important – but let’s focus on using legs for jumping.

Do you get as amazed as me at the jumping – no, the springing, abilities that basketball athletes possess today? It is truly an awe-inspiring moment when you see Blake Griffin jump high enough that his KNEES are level with another player’s HEAD – I mean, it’s hard to believe – I suppose I’d say, “Yeah, right” if someone told me about it – but seein’ is believin’.

In fact, there’s a list of players he dunks on – and it’s a lengthy list – over 400 players so far. He’s a young player – still developing – and that height won’t be around forever. But for right now, it’s an amazing thing to see.

But let’s get back to legs on less-professional players – you know, like you, me, our kids … the regular folk.

Legs are the power boosters behind shots

Knees play a big part in shooting free throws. If you notice, little guys are able to shoot powerful free throws and that’s because they use their knees and associated muscles as booster rockets for the ball. Show your kids the difference by having them use only their arms to shoot and then add in the leg thrust and let them discover the power. They’ll probably never go back!!

The same theory is behind the power needed for three-pointers. A big, strong guy who can bench press 100 pounds won’t do any better than the guy who uses the power in his legs to launch the shot.

Obviously it takes a lot of conditioning to make the legs strong – and practice creates the body memory and makes the muscles needed sturdy and flexible. Running and drills help, but it’s the consistent conditioning that does the trick.

Consistent conditioning is easy on a home basketball court

Having a basketball court at home makes getting that conditioning in easier. There’re no trips to the local park, gym or school needed. That might mean you actually get some good practice in instead of losing your time driving to a hoop.

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-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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