Develop strength on both sides with basketball drill

Just about everyone favors one hand over another. There are two camps: those full of right-handers and those with the left-handers. On the basketball court that usually means that one hand is stronger than the other. But there is a great drill to develop strength in whichever side is your weaker side while developing ball handling and wraparound passing skills. That is the Wall and Ball Wrap Around Bounce Pass Drill.

The player will need three things:

  1. a solid brick or concrete wall (no windows!)
  2. a basketball
  3. the pad off your Goalrilla Goal Basketball Hoop to stand in as a mock defender

The pad is a great size to force the player to step out and around for the wrap around pass. The ball is passed toward the wall and bounces back.

The Drill:

  •  The player executes a fake pass over the defenders head by raising the ball up and in front of their own head quickly.
  • Then the player immediately steps the right foot out to the right while extending the ball with the foot to the right.
  • The left foot, the pivot, stays planted on the ground.
  • The player must extend our and to the right with the right foot and right hand and then execute a right handed hook bounce pass.
  • It is normally a good idea to execute the step out wrap around hook bounce pass off of the wall by aiming at the wall around waist level. The ball tends to return to the passer at about chest level.
  • The player then executes the play on the left side.
  • Continue to alternate left to right to build strength and dexterity on both sides.

If the ball doesn’t bounce directly back, the player retrieves it, resets their position and then continues. Ten to 20 reps per side will equal one set and the player should execute 2 to 3 sets for a good practice.

As always, ending the practice session with some free throw or lay up practice loosens up the shoulders and neck – plus, here at the Basketball Goal Store, we know it’s always fun to shoot some baskets!

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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