Skill on the basketball court come from drills that teach fundamentals like the Wall and Ball Two Hand Chest Pass Drill

For beginners and intermediate players, mastering the fundamentals of passing is crucial to building a team on the court. Develop that passing proficiency and confidence with the Wall and Ball Two Hand Chest Pass Drill.

All you need is a wall (with no windows) and a basketball. Combine this drill with a drill shooting baskets on your Goalrilla Goal Basketball Goal in your driveway or on your home court. (With answers to all your questions and the best equipment available, the Basketball Goal Store is the place to go for your Goalrilla Goal Basketball system.) Players can engage in an independent routine of practice at home to enhance their performance in games.

The Drill:

  • The player will stand square to the wall, holding the ball with one hand on either side.
  • Visually pick a point on the wall that is at head level or slightly above head level. The ball will tend to return to the passer at about chest level.
  • Execute the two handed chest pass by keeping the pivot foot planted and then stepping the other foot toward the wall as the pass is executed.
  • The player should immediately keep the hands up and out for the return pass.

The player should execute 10 to 20 good two hand chest passes off of the wall for one set. Complete 2 – 3 sets.

Players should be mindful of setting their position 10 to 12 feet from the wall and adjusting their position based on how the ball returns to them with each pass. It should be smooth and the player should not be reaching.

Drill Emphasis:

Focus on stepping into the pass. Match the arm extension with the leg extension to put power behind the pass.

  • Hand Position: The player should begin with one hand on each side of the basketball. As the player extends the arms with the stepping motion, rotate the thumbs of each hand simultaneously down toward the ground and then extend the ball forward off of the index and middle finger of each hand.  When properly executed, the pivot foot will be stationary, the other foot and leg will be extended, the arms fully extended and the back of each hand will be facing each other with the fingers pointing forward and thumbs pointing toward the ground.
  • Receiving the ball: An added bonus is that the player can work on receiving the return pass. Hands immediately get ready to receive the pass after the ball is initially released. Build hand and eye coordination as the player visually looks at the ball as it moves from the wall to their hands.
  • Hand and eye coordination: Passing the ball to the exact spot selected on the wall improves hand and eye coordination. The more this is practiced, the better the player gets putting the ball right where they want it in game play.

That’s what practice is all about – building skills to apply on the court!

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team


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