Develop beginner basketball skills with the Wall Ball Dribble Drill

Besides teaching beginners the fundamentals so they develop good skills, there is usually a period of strengthening that is needed. Beginners often favor their dominant side on the basketball court. Even with a height adjustment on the Goalrilla Goal Basketball system, right handed beginners will go to the right side of the court and shoot with their right hand most often.

One drill we recommend here at the Basketball Goal Store is the Wall Ball Dribble Drill. Especially for beginners, this drill will help to strengthen the non-dominant side hand, wrist, arm and shoulder. Not only will the player develop greater agility and ball handling skills, the player will develop strength – on both sides making their performance on the court less predictable and better over all.

All that is needed for this drill is a basketball and a wall. Beginners will stand a little farther away than intermediate and advanced players and concentrate on good form using the fingertips. Should the player drop the ball, he simply stops and resets then begins again.

The Drill

The player dribbles the ball off the wall slightly higher than eye level using one hand continually for 2 minutes. He then switches hands and dribbles using the opposite hand.

During the 2 minutes, the player works the ball up and down and side to side on the wall. It takes agility and strength in the wrist, hand, fingertips as well as the arm and shoulder.

When switching to the non-dominant side, the player may need a refresher on ball dribbling fundamentals like using the fingertips.

The drill forces equal distribution to develop the non-dominant side and can be used as an example of the power of practice for later skills. Improved performance will be notable if the drill is completed regularly, which is always exciting for beginners – and motivating.

Even though it is a great drill for beginners, the Wall Ball Dribble Drill is for the intermediate and advanced player as well as other, more advanced elements are added.

Drills build skills and strength and confidence for players of all levels.

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team


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