Create family history with a home basketball court

Well, the lockout continues and there is talk of a major contraction in the number of teams that will survive until the end. Sad.

It makes me think that the fans have the opportunity to take back the game. To their driveways, in their living rooms and in gyms across the nation. Let those who have made it a business remain mired in thigh-high stagnancy – the rest of us – let’s make it a game again!

Here at the Basketball Goal Store we know how much fun families can have playing basketball. The Goalrilla Goal is perfect for families – it’s durable, height adjustable and even removable as you move from home to home.

There are several reasons having a home basketball court appeals to families:

  • The opportunity to exercise. So many avoid regular exercise because, well, face it, spending an hour on the treadmill is just not fun. But get together with a friend or two and play a game of basketball and you’ll get a workout that is probably better than the hour otherwise spent in the gym!
  • The time together as a family. Everyone knows that the best memories come from time spent together. Either singular events like trips or occasions, or those things that the family does together on a regular basis – like playing basketball. The females beating the pants off the guys in the family is a memory not soon forgotten.
  • The place to develop basketball skills. One or more in your family loves to play basketball and wants to develop the skills to be a star on the court during organized play through school or a community program. The home court is there when you need it – to accurately teach the fundamentals to your up and coming star and also for him to practice as long as he likes.
  • The means to learn life skills. Teamwork, communication, patience, persistence, commitment, dedication; all these are skills learned on the basketball court – in practice, in play and in games. It doesn’t matter whether there are dreams of one day playing in the NBA or WNBA or if it is just a hobby or activity; players can’t help to develop life skills with regular practice.

Having a home basketball court with a Goalrilla Basketball Goal system can be so much more than a playground – it can become part of the culture and history of your family.

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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