Basketball player Yao Ming was more than just a great player

There are days when something significant happens and it’s either exciting and happy news, or devastating news. However, sometimes, it’s both. A recent announcement is news that conjures those mixed emotions.

Yao Ming has announced he is retiring from the Houston Rockets. He made the announcement from his homeland, China, but the impact reaches far across the oceans and continents touching the basketball world globally. Dennis Passa, AP sports writer, summed up the contributions to the sport made by Yao as well as the personal achievements and tribulations due to injuries over the last couple of years in an article.

At 7-foot-6-inches, Yao Ming grabbed attention everywhere he went – not only because of his size, but because of his polite nature, sense of humor, quick smile and generous heart.  According to Passa, attendance in Houston increased 55% when Yao joined the team.

Coaches and players both credit Yao with creating a positive culture – one they hope will continue on despite his absence.

Yao’s stats were pretty amazing too. Yao averaged 19 points and 9.2 rebounds. Selected for the NBA all-Star team eight times, he helped the Rockets to the play-offs twice and even carried the Olympic Torch through Tiananmen Square and his country’s flag during opening ceremonies in 2008.

Larger than life in more ways than just the physical, Yao had heart – for the game and for life. He plans to return to the club he owns in China, the Shanghai Sharks, to “contribute more.” Basketball has been central to his life and you can bet he will continue to play in some capacity for the rest of it.

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Remember Yao Ming and what he brought to the NBA. Use his moves on and off the court as models for your children: Passion, sense of humor, polite nature, great attitude and generosity – great ideals and examples for the game and for life.

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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