Improve Your Basketball Skills: Take the Free Throw Form Shooting Drill

How can you become a master of free throw shooting? Learn the fundamentals and practice, practice, practice!

Whatever your skill level – beginner, intermediate or advanced – use this drill to help you boost your confidence and become a free throw pro as you rack up the points as you practice on your Goalrilla Basketball Goal system at home.

The challenge

Using the fundamentals of free throw shooting, the player:

1.       Takes position at the free throw line with basketball in hand

2.       Shoots 25 free throws

3.       Throughout the drill, “reads” his/her shots and makes adjustments as needed to develop a stronger free throw rhythm and a consistent shooting stroke

4.       Repeats for a total of four sets of 25, or 100 total free throws

After completing the first four sets of free throw shots, the player should document his/her results (taking note of observable trends and adjustments made) and then repeat with four more sets of 25 shots, for a total of 200 attempted free throws.

Reading the Shot – and Making the Right Adjustments

There are four ways to miss a shot from the free throw line:

  • the shot can go off course by going to the left
  • the shot can go off course by going to the right
  • the shot can be too weak (falling short)
  • the shot can be too strong (going long)

By learning to read your shot, you can make the right adjustments to improve your form and make more baskets!

It helps if you have a basketball goal at home, so you can practice free throw shooting anytime. It also helps if your basketball goal is strong and steady, so you don’t have to try to hit a moving target.

The adjustable premium in-ground Goalrilla Basketball Goal system can help make you a better shooter in less time. Check out the Goalrilla Ball Return Net to make practice time more efficient. Learn more about the Goalrilla goal by calling us at the Basketball Goal Store at (800) 689-0281

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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