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There are days when something significant happens and it’s either exciting and happy news, or devastating news. However, sometimes, it’s both. A recent announcement is news that conjures those mixed emotions. Yao Ming has announced he is retiring from the Houston Rockets. He made the announcement from his homeland, China, but the impact reaches far across the oceans and continents touching the basketball world globally. Dennis Passa, AP sports writer, summed up the contributions to the sport made by Yao as well as the personal achievements and tribulations due to injuries over the last couple of years in an article. At 7-foot-6-inches, Yao Ming grabbed attention everywhere… Read more »

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Playing basketball takes a lot of energy and focused thought. You want to contain the opposition in a way where you conserve energy and prevent them from moving the ball forward and scoring. Mastering the defensive slide means controlled movement of the feet and arms and resisting the impulse to gallop. Galloping happens when players stand upright and click the feet together when they move. A good way to stay in check is to watch that your head stays in a level plane. If you find your head bobbing up and down, refocus on staying down in your defensive stance… Read more »

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Shooting baskets and scoring points is a thrill – But a winning record requires a good defense, too. And a good defense begins with the most important aspect of playing defense – a proper defensive stance. That being said, a good fundamental defensive stance position does not take into account a player’s position on the floor, ball position on the floor or one-on-one defensive movement required by the player. That takes engaging the brain and knowledge of the game and – you’ve heard it before: P-R-A-C-T-I-C-E!!! Practicing is easy when you have a Goalrilla Basketball Goal system at home. With… Read more »

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