Catch and Shoot Mid-Range – Individual Basketball Drill

In this basketball drill, players are going to go through a fluid, simple motion with the Goalrilla G Trainer. Setting the trainer up at the left or right end of the court, the player is going to be positioned at the opposite end and will dribble towards the trainer. Taking three to five dribbles and making the chest pass from a few feet before reaching the middle of the key, the ball will rebound off the G Trainer. The player will continually approach the trainer and catch the pass at about the middle of the key. From there, they will simply turn around and execute a jump shot to the Goalrilla Goal.

Using the Goalrilla G Trainer to complete this drill, players will work on hand- eye coordination, passing and receiving skills and turn around jump shots. This mid range shot is something that you can use in many game situations. This versatile shot is effective during a fast break or a quick drive down the lane, where you encounter a taller player.

With the Goalrilla G Trainer, not only are you practicing hand-eye coordination with the chest pass and receive, you are also improving your passing ability. Because you are going to make the chest pass from several feet away from the trainer, this drill is going to allow you to work on the perfect chest pass and the receipt of that pass. Once you receive the pass off the trainer your are going to step back and move right into the jump shot to the Goalrilla Basketball Hoop.

This is a fast paced drill that is designed to help you improve the execution of your jump shot. When running the drill, set the Goalrilla G Trainer on both the left and right side of the court and run the drill from opposite sides. This is going to allow you to learn to lead with both the right and left hand when passing. It is also going to help prepare you for a game time situation.

With the right training equipment, you can greatly increase the level of expertise for all players. No matter what level of play your team is at or what age your players are, using the Goalrilla G Trainer will help in the development of basketball fundamentals.

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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