Catch and Sweep Layup Drill Mid-Range (Individual): Goalrilla G Trainer Basketball Drill – Video 32

Perfect for either the beginning basketball player or an experienced all-star, the Goalrilla G Trainer can help elevate your basketball game to a brand new level. Manufactured from reinforced and welded steel, the G Trainer uses a specially designed spring netting to return the basketball to you. The Goalrilla G Trainer is the ideal training tool for a busy high school coach or a student looking to kill some free time. Not needing another player, the G Trainer can be set up on any basketball court and allows a player to practice and perfect their game without a second person. To use, simply throw the basketball off the netting and watch as it rebounds back into your hands. The versatility of this product allows basketball players to practice a variety of basketball drills from dribble drives to catch and shoot.

Depending on the basketball drill chosen, the G Trainer can be positioned to simulate a steal, fast break or an outlet pass. Designed with wheels at the base, the Goalrilla Trainer is easy to move across the court with only one person. Additionally, the backboard netting can be adjusted to change the angle and velocity of the returned ball. With practice and repetition, the Goalrilla G Trainer will perfect any athlete’s footwork, hand/eye coordination and transition game.

Designed to improve a player’s dribble drive penetration ability, one of the best basketball drills with the G trainer is the Mid-Range Catch and Sweep Layup for individuals. To start this drill, position the Goalrilla G Trainer on either the left or right wing so that it is directly in line with the three-point stripe. It does not matter which wing you choose to start from, because after completing the drill 10 times, you will move the Goalrilla to the opposite three-point line.

Once the Goalrilla has been positioned on the wing, place two cones about six feet apart on the opposite wing – even with the three-point line. This will be where you start the drill. To begin, perform a chest pass to the opposite wing so that the Goalrilla Trainer will rebound the ball back to you at the midrange line. Once the ball is released, sweep towards the free throw line and catch the basketball. Perform a ball fake/spin move or just drive to the basketball goal to perform a layup, reverse layup or dunk. Dribble back to the wing and repeat the drill for 10 repetitions. Once the 10 repetitions have been completed, move the Goalrilla G Trainer to the opposite wing and repeat the drill.

This exercise teaches players the importance of footwork when receiving a chest pass so that they can simply dribble and drive to the basketball hoop for a layup. Since not every pass can be caught at the three-point line, players need to know how to catch the basketball at the free throw line from the opposite wing and make a power move to the basketball goal.

Because of its versatility, the Goalrilla G Trainer is the perfect basketball training tool for any player or coach. With just this one piece of equipment, players can perform hundreds of basketball drills that are sure to improve their game.

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– Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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