Goalrilla DC72E1: The Best Goalrilla Basketball Goal – Review


The DC72E1 basketball system will be the best and last goal you will ever have to buy. With professional style features from top to bottom, this goal is designed to withstand the roughest of play. This goal is the flagship of the Goalrilla lineup, boasting the best that Goalrilla has to offer.

  • The only basketball goal with the new Direct Connect Technology
  • In ground, adjustable high-end basketball goal
  • Regulation size, for high school and college play
  • NCAA backboard pad, premium pole pad
  • Rock Solid, Independent anchor mounting system
  • DUPONT® Powder coat painted
  • 1/2’ tempered glass clear view backboard
  • Premium actuator, adjust 7.5 to 10 feet
  • Dual welded torsion bars
  • 10’ one piece pole

The goal is made up of 7 gauge steel on a 6” x 8”  one-piece post and has a 2000 lb weight capacity on the rim. The pro-style heavy-weight flex rim bolts to a steel 4”x4” behind the glass, and you can literally hang a small vehicle from it, true story, Goalrilla actually did it! The backboard is regulation size at 72”x42”, which is what you will see in a high school, college, and pro gym.  The glass is ½” thick and provides you with the truest bounce of any basketball system.  Since the goal adjusts from 10’ to 7.5’, kids and adults alike will be able to dunk on the system as hard and as much as they want.  This is especially convenient for younger kids because it will definitely increase their vertical jump, which will continually give them a goal to achieve when trying to dunk at various heights.  Included with the hoop is an NCAA regulation backboard pad and a premium pole pad. When the kids or even adults are trying to put on a show, you know that they will be protected with the best padding available.  Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, the DC72E1 is hands down the best basketball system on the planet.  You will be the neighborhood hangout as well as the envy of the neighborhood.  When you purchase this product, rest assured you are getting quality features you only get with a Goalrilla basketball hoop. See the Goalrilla DC72E1 Basketball Goal System
Features of the Goalrilla DC72E1


Direct_Connect_Graphic Direct Connect Technology – All forces from the rim are transferred via a DIRECT CONNECTION to a 4″ STEEL BEAM – bypassing the backboard and its frame.It’s Goalrilla tough – beyond the strength needed for the most brutal play. The GOALRILLA DC72E1 can support 2,000 lbs. (1 Ton). Most adjustable basketball goals pivot where rim and backboard meet the backboard arms. This causes  forces on the rim to be directly transferred to the backboard frame and glass.The Goalrilla direct connect eliminates this pivot point, and  instead transfers all forces to a solid cage supported by double-welded crossbeams via a 4″ steel beam.
goalrilla-dc-backboard-arms Dual Welded Torsion Bars – Dual welded torsion bars on its lower board arms to prevent backboard sway. Cut and welds makes stronger, more stable yoke arms.
Dupont Powder coated painted Powder Coat Painted – Powder coated products are more resistant to diminished coating quality as a result of impact, moisture, chemicals, ultraviolet light, and other extreme weather conditions. In turn, this reduces the risk of scratches, chipping, abrasions, corrosion, fading, and other wear issues. Making the Goalrilla Basketball goal system the most rust resistant basketball goal.
webbackboards-dc72e1-2 Clear View Design – Creates an unobstructed view while delivering more consistent rebound across the entire board-eliminating over-rebound. Delivers more consistent rebound across the entire board–eliminating over-rebound.
2010-goalrilla-rimbox-image Heavy Weight Flex Rim – Pre-assembled, spring loaded and powder coated rim for play just like the pros (includes net)
goalrilla-dc-height-adjuster Easy Adjustment Actuator – All- Steel, Precise Height Adjustment Actuator easily adjusts rim height from 7 1/2 to 10ft (meets ASTM standards) a rim lower that 7 1/2 feet is not within the “safe zone” and puts plays at risk for head injury.

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  1. Joe Saldutti on

    I am interested in a Goalrilla DC72E1. I live in Wilton Connecticut. I have an existing old pole (the pole is set in concrete) which I need removed and the new one installed. What is the price that you carry the Goalrilla DC72E1 inclusive of any shipping (if any), tax, etc. Do you also connect me with an installer? What is the charge for both take down of existing and assembly/install of the new? Thank you, Joe Saldutti

    • Administrator on

      Hello Joe! We’ll get an email over to you today answering each of these questions. Have a great day!

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