Goalrilla G Trainer Basketball Warm Up Series Drill [Practice and Pre-Game]

Using the Goalrilla G Trainer, this basketball drill is going to work from the close range to the three point range. Warming up is something that many players skip over and many coaches do not emphasize enough during a practice session. With this drill, players can run the drill at their own pace and can focus on all shooting ranges. In addition, this drill allows players to focus on repetition, which will help build muscle memory that will lead to higher scoring percentages during games. Overall, the G Trainer will allow players to focus more time on practicing and less time chasing the basketball.

In this drill, the Goalrilla G Trainer is going to be set up at a steep angle (directly below the basketball hoop). Players will start inside of the key and will work on taking a close range jump shot or hook shot. After taking each shot, the ball will come off the G Trainer and will make its way to the player at the next position. After the close range hook or jump shot, the player can progress back a few feet to move towards the free throw line. Once this shot is perfected, the player will focus on the three point jump shot. By moving backwards and by working on each shot, players are not only going to loosen up before the practice session, they are also going to be able practice high quality shots without tiring themselves out by having to chase after the ball for the rebound.

With the Goalrilla G Trainer, not only can players focus on their shooting drills, they can also get in a quick warm. They can work at their own pace and if needed, players can work on a specific area of the court that they want to improve. Warming up should be a part of every practice. By using the Goalrilla G Trainer, players can get quickly warmed up before running various drills and exercises.

Because of its versatility, the Goalrilla G Trainer is the perfect basketball training tool for any player or coach. With just this one piece of equipment, players can perform hundreds of basketball drills that are sure to improve their game.

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– Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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