Pass, Flare and Sweep 3 Point Jump Shot (Individual): Goalrilla G Trainer Basketball Drill

The Goalrilla G Trainer is the ideal addition to any basketball practice session for coaches and players alike. With this basketball drill, players are going to use the Goalrilla G Trainer to work on the pass, sweep move and a three point jumper. With this basketball drill, players will start either to the left or right (under the basketball goal). The G Trainer will be positioned facing either the right or left, centered at the top of the three point line. The player will initially dribble towards the Trainer and upon reaching the three point wing (on either side) will deliver a flair pass off the trainer. They will sweep to the wing (which the G Trainer is facing) and catch the pass. Upon catching the pass, the player will either stop and pop for a three pointer or will take a single dribble (to free themselves up) and will then take the three pointer.

Upon delivering the pass, players are going to work on continuing to move without the basketball. After receiving the pass off of the Goalrilla G Trainer, they will either have the option to take the immediate three point jumper or if they are defended, they will take a single dribble and then stop and pop up for the three pointer. This basketball drill not only focuses on pass and receipt of the pass, it also allows basketball players to focus on freeing themselves up if a defender is tight on them.

With the basketball drill, you can also add a defender to get players to focus on a single dribble (after receiving the pass back off of the Goalrilla G Trainer). This not only helps them focus on catching without moving the pivot foot (prior to taking a dribble), it allows the player to take the direct three point shot to the basketball hoop. Players may also practice working on creating space with a single dribble and drop back step. This will create additional room away from the defender that is covering them, which will allow them to take the shot. This basketball focuses on all aspects of the offensive game. It also allows players to work at a quick and continuous pace.

Because of its versatility, the Goalrilla G Trainer is the perfect basketball training tool for any player or coach. With just this one piece of equipment, players can perform hundreds of basketball drills that are sure to improve their game.

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– Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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