Pay attention to the details when comparing basketball backboards

Basketball backboards are not created equal – and the disparity is important when choosing one for your family.

1. Get a strong frame

Even though some basketball goals may have the desirable ½-inch glass backboard, it is supported sandwiched in an aluminum frame. Aluminum is weak with a lot of flex in it. Therefore, rebound characteristics during play are inconsistent over the surface of the backboard.

Three (3) Goalrilla Basketball Goal systems have a ½-inch glass backboard that is fully supported by a welded tube steel frame. Steel is strong and has little flex in it. The welded wide span construction of the board arms provides increased playability and more even rebound characteristics off the backboard. Vibration is reduced because of the wide span construction and there are no hot spots. In other words – no comparison.

2. Make sure the rim attachment is safe

Safety reigns when considering how the rim is attached to the basketball goal. If the rim is attached directly to the backboard and a player grabs the rim – hangs on it, all the force of his weight is directly transferred to the backboard frame which, if made of weak metals, can flex and cause glass failure. That situation is expensive to rectify, in fact the backboard replacement cost can be as much as 2/3 the cost of the entire goal.

Kids especially like to play hard and attempt all the grandiose plays and slam dunks of their favorite players. A rim directly attached to the goal presents a much safer and durable goal designed for years of enjoyment.

For increased safety and durability, the new Goalrilla Direct Connect Basketball Goal’s backboard frames are supported completely independent of the rim. All the forces applied to the rim are transferred to the board arms and the pole instead of the backboard frame and glass. The powerful new, direct connect design will support 1 ton at the base of the rim. In addition, there is a cutout in the glass for the rim to avoid any contact between the rim and the glass whatsoever!

Safety first – and then nothing but fun under a Goalrilla Goal!!

The premium in-ground Goalrilla Goal stands tall on the court – which is why the Basketball Goal Store offers them exclusively. We know that there is no comparison and we want to offer the best – and at the best prices too.

Visit us today to get answers to all the basketball goal questions you and get the Goalrilla Goal  you want!

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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