Play to interest in basketball for book selections

Most boys aren’t like my neighbor. This spunky 8-year-old is out on his driveway shoveling the snow away so he can shoot some hoops. Even in temperatures in the single digits, he’s out there. I don’t know if I would be happy about my son trying to play basketball outside in those conditions, but I don’t think if he was as determined as this kid, I could stop him.

For less determined kids there is another option besides trolling the Basketball Goal Store website making a wishlist and leaving hints for mom and dad. One which parents (and teachers) will both like: reading about the sport they love.

Mike Lupica is a Connecticut author (really sportswriter) who has written several books with basketball themes.

A little about Lupica: He started sports writing for the New York post at age 23. For more than 30 years, Lupica has written for newspapers and magazines and worked in TV. He’s written or co-written autobiographies, biographies and novels about all different sports as well. It is easy to say that his life revolves around sports.

Some of his children’s books available with a basketball theme include:

  • Travel Team
  • Long Shot (Comeback Kids Series)
  • Heat
  • Summer Ball
  • Miracle on 49th Street

Because sports are such a part of his life, you know the settings and treatment of the sport will be spot on and realistic for kids. Touching on the life lessons learned on – and off – the basketball court the stories will capture kids’ attention and get them through some of the winter months while their outdoor Goalrilla Basketball Goal court is knee deep in fluffy white stuff!


-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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