Portable basketball goals can be a problem for garbage collectors

Ok, so this was a new one on me – but it makes perfect sense.

You know I am not a fan of the portable basketball goals – for me, there are several reasons:

1. They are not durable: two-piece poles erode and break and the plastic “weight” on the bottom cracks.

2. They are not cost-effective: as children grow and the elements take their toll on the materials from the goals are constructed, families have to spend more  money to replace the goals.

3. They are dangerous: The supposed “weight” of water filling the reservoir is not enough to prevent the basketball goal from moving around a lot during play and under windy conditions. The basketball goal falling on a car or other property could be costly. But most costly is injury to your child or their friends.

Now I learn that there is another group who don’t like these portable basketball goals – garbage collectors!

Yes, BFI Waste Services of Salinas in California even has a notice on their website warning homeowners that portable basketball hoops could be damaged by trash collection trucks. They use an automated “arm” on the truck and explain that basketball goals that are in the way could be effected.

They compare them to the in-ground installations (as you may have guessed, installation type is an important aspect to consider when buying a basketball hoop).. I can infer that an in-ground installation would not be made on the end of a driveway, the sidewalk or in the parkway, which is why they don’t see them as a hazard like the portable basketball goals that tend to get moved around (unless you’re like my neighbor who staked his in the ground to keep it from falling).

Since Goalrilla Basketball Goals are the premium IN-GROUND basketball goal sold by The Basketball Goal Store, we know that a good many of them are installed in home courts well away from roadways and sidewalks. Some families who know the value and long-term value of a Goalrilla Goal actually install independent courts in the backyard where kids can play away from cars and other vehicles.

BFI Waste Services just provided one more reason to choose a Goalrilla Basketball Goal over the portable models. With the great prices on Goalrilla Goals at the Basketball Goal Store, you won’t find a better place to buy a better basketball goal anywhere!

-Pat of The Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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