Psych up your kids with a Goalrilla Basketball Goal

It seems every day that you’re having to tell your kids to take the bucket off the dresser and bouncing the basketball off the walls. (One kid I know actually put a trashcan in the top drawer of a chest of drawers and used duct tape (!) to tape the drawer tight so the can would stay put …)

It’s time to get the fledgling basketball star out of the house and onto a home court. But you have to be careful – there’s nothing that will squash the enthusiasm of a youngster faster than trying to make a basket on an adult-sized basketball goal.

Kids are persistent, but after stretching and straining – and finding little success – they get discouraged – wouldn’t you? Even if they don’t give up and they keep trying and keep trying, their form and technique is abysmal because it takes every bit of force they have to just reach the rim.

Don’t dampen the enthusiasm and lead him to pursue something like go-karts or skateboarding – provide him with the appropriate equipment.

Goalrilla Basketball Goals will grow with your family

First off, a premium, in-ground basketball goal like a Goalrilla Basketball Goal is adjustable. It can accommodate the youngest in the family at 7.5 feet and the oldest at the standard 10 foot height. The actuator is easy to use and the height is noted in easy-to-read markings. Goalrilla Goals are available at the Basketball Goal Store at a great price compared with the local retail outlets.

Another consideration for younger players: size of the basketball. A youth ball is smaller and fits younger hands. You want your little player to use his fingertips when dribbling and a 9-inch ball is too big and too heavy (and can only be controlled by using the palms of their hands).  Don’t teach bad form – get the proper equipment.

Let the kids play as much as they want (hey, it’s great exercise!) and join them! No, not to beat their socks off; to teach them the proper form, technique and skills. Plus, you’re out there building memories – for you, for them, well, for the whole family.

What could be better than your kids finding success and building strong family ties out on the basketball court?

Visit the Basketball Goal Store or call us at (800) 689-0281 to find out everything you need to know about installing a premium, in-ground Goalrilla Basketball Goal system at your house. It’s an investment in your home and in your family!

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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