Look into the future and you’ll see Goalrilla Basketball Goals are the best buy!

In my walks around the subdivision I live in, I happen to notice a lot of the basketball goals. In several of the blog posts I have talked about the economy portable basketball goals that are available just about everywhere (I even saw them for sale in a drugstore!!).

Parents have told me they buy them because they’re cheap – and they can keep them in the garage when not in use. But we all know where they stay – outside.

Portable basketball hoops go through several stages

When they first arrive, the base is filled with water to weigh it down. But soon the owners realize that the water weight isn’t enough when the hoop is blown over or moves around during normal play.

So the next step – sand. Most of the time, the owners don’t want to fill the reservoir with the sand because it makes it hard to move (and at this point they are still moving it into the garage on occasion), especially for the kids. So they throw the bags of sand on top of the base. It doesn’t take long before they find out this doesn’t really work either.

Now usually, at this point, the owners have resigned themselves to the fact that they have essentially wasted the money they have spent – especially when the kids are still playing basketball daily. Not only playing daily, but getting better and bolder – grabbing the rim and challenging each other in slam dunk contests.

Parents see the dangers

Some parents tough it out, fearing an accident, until the end of the season – others break down and look us up here at the Basketball Goal Store where they can purchase a safety-certified, premium, in-ground Goalrilla Basketball Goal.

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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