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In my walks around the subdivision I live in, I happen to notice a lot of the basketball goals. In several of the blog posts I have talked about the economy portable basketball goals that are available just about everywhere (I even saw them for sale in a drugstore!!). Parents have told me they buy them because they’re cheap – and they can keep them in the garage when not in use. But we all know where they stay – outside. Portable basketball hoops go through several stages When they first arrive, the base is filled with water to weigh… Read more »

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Here it is, spring in Indiana (yes, one of the hotbeds of basketball fever) and that means wind. It blows across the fields like it has to be somewhere right now.

What it does, right now, is blow a lot of things around. And today I saw a great big ouch! Big enough to make me cringe.

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Basketball is one of the few sports that wheelchair-bound persons can play. In fact, the National Wheelchair Basketball Association is older than the NBA! Believe it or not.

Disabled veterans returning from WWII started the sport with the Paralyzed Veterans of America. Players were exclusively paraplegic veterans or those with spinal cord injuries. Eventually it opened

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