Goalrilla Hoops Are Best For Safe Family Fun Times

Here it is, spring in Indiana (yes, one of the hotbeds of basketball fever) and that means wind. It blows across the fields like it has to be somewhere right now.

What it does, right now, is blow a lot of things around. And today I saw a great big ouch! Big enough to make me cringe.

You’ve seen those portable basketball hoops? You know, the ones that are supposed to be filled with water when they’re outside and then rolled back into the garage every night?

Go ahead, say it. “Yeah, the ones that go out and stay out – forever?” You’re right. That is exactly what happens – and which probably lead to the horrible scene I witnessed.

There was this silver Audi TT convertible parked in a driveway with one of those portable basketball hoops laying on top of it. That was bad, but what made it worse was that the rim had gouged a hole in the top!

At the time I wished I had my camera because I figured no one would believe what I saw. But as the day wore on and I told everyone I met about it (because I was simply stunned), I discovered that everyone believed me.

The comments ranged from, “Yeah, well, he should have known not to park under that thing,” to “Those things fall down all the time around my neighborhood.”

But the comment that really stuck with me was when a mom said, “Those things are really dangerous. What if it had fallen on one of the kids?

That comment made me stop and think. I know how wild kids get when they play. How they try to do the slam dunks and grab the rim. I’ve seen the portable posts actually move around during basketball play.

And you know what? She’s right.

Every Goalrilla Basketball Hoop is anchored securely into a cement pier in the ground, so it is not going to move around during play or ever be tipped over onto your vehicle by the wind. With a one-piece pole system that won’t break or bend, Goalrilla Goals are built to last a life time. You can even take it with you if you move by just unbolting it and re-anchoring it at your new home.

Don’t take the chance of injury to your children – or damage to your, or someone else’s, cars or other property. It may seem like a good economical choice, but considering the potential for future costs – and injuries, that sounds more like a fallacy than a fact.

Contact the Basketball Goal Store at (800) 689-0281 or visit their website to get real, factual answers and information about a basketball hoop system for family fun times while keeping safety in mind.

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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