Reverse Pivot Dribble Drive Layup – 3 Point (Team): Goalrilla G Trainer Basketball Drill – Video 39

When it comes to basketball practice drills, the Goalrilla G Trainer is the perfect piece of equipment for basketball coaches to utilize in any practice. In this training video, players are going to work on the reverse pivot, dribble drive towards the basketball goal. Using the Goalrilla G Trainer, players will start at the three point line. When they receive the pass off the trainer, the players will work on their transition steps and will make their way towards the basketball goal for an easy layup.

The Goalrilla G Trainer is going to be set up at about the half court mark. With 5 to 6 players, each one will start under the rim and will dribble towards the G Trainer. Upon reaching the free throw line, players will deliver a chest pass to the G Trainer and will continue moving towards it. Once they reach the three point line, the player will catch the pass off the trainer, pivot off either their left or right foot and will dribble drive towards the basketball hoop. In this basketball drill, the team of players is going to have to not only worry about delivery of the pass and the dribble drive movement, but also timing, as they are going to have to effectively communicate with one another to avoid running in to each other.

Since you are working in a team set up, the first player will go through the drill and the second player should take off, only once the first player receives the pass and is making the pivot step. This should be the continual approach for following players and the basketball drill can go on for a period of 1 to 3 minutes. This will allow each player to have an opportunity to do a few drills. Within this time period, the basketball player will be able to alternate and set up under the left and right side of the basketball goal. It is important for the players to practice the pivot and drive step with both their left and right hand (and foot).

This is a great basketball skill to work on in a team set up, as it allows players to focus on individual skills (pass, receipt, dribble, pivot), as well as communication skills. Players will have to watch one another and they will have to communicate (tell each other to speed up or slow down).

Overall, the drill allows teams to work on individual skills, speed drills, pass and dribble skills and allows players to work on communication skills, which is critical in game time situations.

Because of its versatility, the Goalrilla G Trainer is the perfect basketball training tool for any player or coach. With just this one piece of equipment, players can perform hundreds of basketball drills that are sure to improve their game.

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– Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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