4 more tips for the beginner basketball coach

We all know that coaching is a wonderful way to interact and leave a positive impact on children of any age. But a bad coach tramples on the self-esteem of impressionable kids while also stealing away the joy of playing the game.

It's all about making a group of players a team!

That isn’t what anyone wants, least of all the coach.

It isn’t uncommon for us to be asked questions about coaching when parents contact the Basketball Goal Store. So here are 4 more tips to consider when taking on that role for the first time. Your kids – and everyone else – will be watching!

  • Carefully schedule the time for practice. Keep in mind that children have homework and evening meal times. Use common sense too, when deciding the length of the practice time. For example, if you are coaching very young children, remember that their attention spans are also young and not yet fully developed. It is not likely that they can focus longer than an hour.
  • Whenever possible, group players not only by age but also by skill level, height and maturity. No one wants a six foot tall eighth grader towering over a bunch of third grade players.
  • Remember that children of all ages are drawn to the game of basketball because it is fun and challenging, fast-paced and always demanding of skill and agility. Don’t let the fun of the game get lost in your personal pursuit of a victory. Kids benefit from the experience of losing well as much as they benefit from winning.
  • Be a role model they need in their lives. Be someone they can trust and respect. Be all of the things you expect of them. And wrap it all up in excitement about the game.

Don’t forget that being a coach can mean leading a pickup game on your home Goalrilla Basketball Goal court as easily as a park district or association league team. Coaching, if you follow the greatest basketball coaches in the history of basketball, is all about teaching fundamental skills for the game and life. It’s a tall order, but we know you can do it!

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