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We all know that coaching is a wonderful way to interact and leave a positive impact on children of any age. But a bad coach tramples on the self-esteem of impressionable kids while also stealing away the joy of playing the game. That isn’t what anyone wants, least of all the coach. It isn’t uncommon for us to be asked questions about coaching when parents contact the Basketball Goal Store. So here are 4 more tips to consider when taking on that role for the first time. Your kids – and everyone else – will be watching! Carefully schedule the… Read more »

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All most kids want to do is get out and take some shots at the basketball goal – make some hoops, run and beat their friends in a friendly game. But here come the adults with their ideas about “warming up” and stretching before engaging in any sports activity. Adults sigh, kids groan. They just want to play – and – in the end is that ok? Here at the Basketball Goal Store, we make available the best in in-ground basketball goals – the Goalrilla Basketball Goals – we don’t advise on the physiology of the game. But I can’t resist… Read more »

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