A Closer Look at the Goalrilla G Trainer

If you’re the type of athlete that likes to make the most of your time, then you need to check out the new Goalrilla G Trainer. This highly effective athletic training tool was designed specifically with competitors like you in mind. You’ll be able to sharpen your basketball skills, stay on-point during the off-season and practice your fundamentals. The Goalrilla Trainer is manufactured with high-quality materials and very strict manufacturing standards.

This high-quality training product is effective for improving your game in a variety of sports that include: basketball, football, baseball, softball, volleyball, soccer, lacrosse, and even golf. The G Trainer can withstand the extreme punishment that even top athletes at the collegiate level can dish out and it’s very portable. Even a single person can easily maneuver it across a multitude of playing fields and surfaces. The Trainer can be used indoors as well as outdoors. You’ll be able to practice your golf swing, goal shots, batting swings, football kicks, volleyball serves, lacrosse throws, and more – anywhere, and at any time, rain or shine!

For baseball, softball, and more, there is a multi position baseball pitch-back on one side and a battering practice on the other. The net is easily adjusted with five different settings that can simulate ground balls, fly balls and line drives. You can practice your sport with a partner or you can improve your game by yourself.

The dual sided, professional-grade Trainer functions both as a rebound net for returning pitches, kicks and serves, as well as a catch net for kicking footballs, batting baseballs, smacking golf balls, serving volleyballs and more. The G trainer features a high impact, adjustable dampening net that allows athletes to practice placekicking, passing, punting, serving, fast pitching, lacrosse throwing, tee shots, drives, and anything else that you can dish out. The goal is the same size as a regulation lacrosse goal, but it’s also highly effective for practicing precise soccer shots on goal and improving accuracy.

The Goalrilla G Trainer was designed to dampen the forces of a multitude of different sized sports balls and it can withstand even the most brutal training abuse. This versatile gear replaces a wide assortment of sports equipment and it expands your training options. The 6′ x 6′ rebound net is quickly attached and detached and with five different settings, it easily adapts to your training requirements.

Goalrilla G Trainer Features and Specifications:

  • Powder Coated 35 mm Galvanized Steel Provides Superior Rust Protection.
  • Black Zinc Coated Hardware Provides Additional Rust Protection.
  • Welded Corners Increase Durability.
  • Easy to See Orange Goal Frame.
  • Slip Fit Connections Provide A Rigid, Quiet Frame.
  • Equipment Won’t Topple During Extreme Play.
  • Molded Feet and Locking Wheels Prevent Movement Under Extreme Play.
  • Six Wheels Allow for Easy, Single Person Transport.
  • Plastic Coated Safety Straps Ensure Safe Operation.
  • Durable and Resilient Polypropylene Goal Side Net.
  • Durable and Resilient Polyethylene Rebound Net.
  • Equipment is Quick and Easy to Setup.
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty Included.

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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