Reverse Pivot Layup Drill with Partner

When players don’t properly plant their pivot foot, it usually results in a travel. This drill allows for players to focus on planting their pivot foot (prior to making the drive towards the basketball goal). Working at a quick pace, this drill simulates live game play and allows players to improve fundamentals and communication skills. However, instead of just working on the layup with either the left or right hand, the drill allows players to work on a series of moves once they reach the basketball hoop.

When executing this basketball drill, you will be working with a partner. Therefore, communication is going to be critical. Both players start under the basketball goal with the Goalrilla G Trainer set up at about the three point line. The first player will dribble towards the trainer, deliver the chest pass and catch the receiving pass at about the free throw line with both feet planted. From there, the player will pivot turn (without picking up either foot) and will make drive towards the basketball hoop. After the first player turns for the drive, the second player is going to begin the drill.

It is important that both basketball players communicate at all times during this drill. By letting the other person know whether they are going to pivot left or right, players are going to avoid running into one another. Because certain shots require more partner coordination, players will have to communicate with each other to either speed up or slow down when driving towards the basketball hoop.

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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