Basketball player scores with healthy eating statement

Healthier habits – isn’t that what we want for all our kids?

You just don’t know what it meant to me to hear that Oklahoma City Thunder basketball player, Kevin Durant, said:

“I could eat a lot better… This past year, I was really big on eating a lot of foods with vegetables. That’s all I really ate this past year was foods with vegetables. I’m trying to stay away from red meats and the fast food as much as I can, even though it’s tempting.”

Finally!! A message for all our kids (and us, too, truth be told).

Durant is one of the guys who will probably always be skinny – and always be trying to add some bulk – so it’s not the weight issue for him. It’s being healthier and, being well into his 20s leaving the teenage eating habits behind.

So by making such a statement, he provides a model for kids to follow:  Less red meat, less fast food – and more vegetables.

Add to that the exercise a basketball player gets that kids can emulate under their own Goalrilla Basketball Goal from the Basketball Goal Store and you have a powerful – and productive – message. One to print out and put on the refrigerator so every time the kids reach for a soda pop, they can think about grabbing a yogurt instead of pudding or a snack cake or a bag of chips.

Toss a basketball at them and challenge them to best you in some time under the hoop. (You may have to work twice as hard to keep up, but it will be good for both of you.)

Create some good healthy eating and exercise habits now while they are still at home and maybe they’ll be the role models for youngsters in the future.

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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