Celebrate basketball with a movie marathon

For so many years, basketball has been as American as some baseball games and apple pie- only much more lively. People tend to get highly excited about the game and some of the reasons why are all related to the pace- which is fast. And the fact that anything can change the entire outcome- even at the very last minute.

It’s no surprise that basketball was taken out of the school gymnasiums and the field houses and plastered all over the big screen. Stories of the hardworking players who “made it” are priceless. Everybody loves to hear about the boy or girl who refused to give up. So we were thinking you might enjoy a bit of motivation now that winter is here and it’s tough to dribble on the snow-covered Goalrilla Basketball Goal court at your house. Grab a few of these top 10 movies or make time to watch all of them. We guarantee your heart will definitely be in the game!

Here are the top movies about basketball:

  1. Above the Rim
  2. Hoosiers
  3. Through the Fire
  4. He Got Game
  5. White Men Can’t Jump
  6. Hoop Dreams
  7. Coach Carter
  8. Glory Road
  9. Blue Chips
  10. Finding Forrester

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-Pat at the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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