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For so many years, basketball has been as American as some baseball games and apple pie- only much more lively. People tend to get highly excited about the game and some of the reasons why are all related to the pace- which is fast. And the fact that anything can change the entire outcome- even at the very last minute. It’s no surprise that basketball was taken out of the school gymnasiums and the field houses and plastered all over the big screen. Stories of the hardworking players who “made it” are priceless. Everybody loves to hear about the boy… Read more »

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The running and form drills are great for creating body motion memory, but we all want to take some shots at the basketball goal and well, when you do so many drills without taking any shots – basketballers get antsy – or perhaps the better word is bored. So break up the endurance and defense drills with an Elbow-to-Elbow Shooting Drill. It lasts for 1.5 to 2 full minutes and counting the number of baskets made makes it pass quickly. The repetition of shooting using correct form and a strong pivot at the fastest pace will translate onto the court.… Read more »

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