Repetitive basketball shooting drill pays off on the court

The running and form drills are great for creating body motion memory, but we all want to take some shots at the basketball goal and well, when you do so many drills without taking any shots – basketballers get antsy – or perhaps the better word is bored.

So break up the endurance and defense drills with an Elbow-to-Elbow Shooting Drill.

It lasts for 1.5 to 2 full minutes and counting the number of baskets made makes it pass quickly. The repetition of shooting using correct form and a strong pivot at the fastest pace will translate onto the court. Key points to focus on:

  • Execute proper catch and pivot form – being in balance and maintaining control with each shot.
  • Maintain game intensity pace so that each shot is executed with fundamental efficiency.
  • Be sure to pivot completely and face the basketball hoop when making the shot – always set up each shot with proper form.

The Drill:

  1. The player starts under the basket with the basketball in hand.
  2. The player tosses the ball toward the right elbow of the free throw line with a back spin on the basketball.
  3. The player follows the toss, catches the ball on the bounce, pivots at the elbow, faces the basket and shoots.
  4. After each shot, the player rebounds the ball and completes the same sequence toward the left elbow.
  5. Repeat rotating right – left – right – left until time is up.

Not only does this drill focus on shooting practice, it allows the player to concentrate on catch and pivot skills, maintaining control, ball handling skills and endurance.

Remember to shake up the drills so players have the opportunity to take some shots at their Goalrilla Basketball Goal as well as develop ball handling and defensive skills while continually improving endurance.

Start working with your kids at home when they are young to develop proper form and basic fundamental skills. You will both be glad when they start playing organized ball.

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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