Be ready to score points on the basketball hoop in your home court with a good overall drill

An NBA basketball game is set at 4 quarters – 12 minutes each for a total of 48 minutes of game time. We all know that with timeouts and half time that it lasts much longer, but the actual regular playing time is 48 minutes.

Think about that – 48 minutes of striving to reach the basketball goal and make some points – requires a lot of energy, doesn’t it? Every armchair athlete knows 48 minutes of motion requires some preparation – a 5-minute mile is a runner’s benchmark – so how many miles does a player run during a game? I’m sure someone somewhere has calculated that, but whatever the exact numbers may be – it’s a lot.

The Block-to-Elbow Low Post (Shooting) Drill prepares players for the consistent motion that is required on the basketball court (as well as other skills like ball handling, jump shots, low post power moves and catch and pivot – just to name a few). It’s an overall good drill and practice for low and high post players.

The drill lasts for 1 to 2 minutes and, in writing, looks complicated. But really, it’s not – just watch the video and you’ll learn the sequence of movements.

The main focus is to execute the drill with proper form but to MOVE CONSISTENTLY. That’s what is required during a game and you have to practice like you’re in a game if you really want to perform on the court.

I like this drill because it not only gets the heart pumping and builds endurance, the player gets to move all over the low and high post areas and gets to shoot at the basketball hoop. It builds automatic body memory through repetition, but it also provides enough variety to be fun – very much like a game.

What better way to be game ready than to practice on your own home in-ground Goalrilla Basketball Goal court?

The Basketball Goal Store has basketball goals to fit every family’s needs and budgets. With the detailed instructions that come with the Goalrilla Goal as well as online videos and support (even a special hotline if you need it) installing the Goalrilla Basketball Goal is easy to accomplish in a day with some friends.  

There’s still plenty of time to order one up and get it installed this year because delivery is fast! Get your baskestball star out on the court practicing the Block-to-Elbow Low Post (Shooting) Drill and when the season starts – you’ll be ready!

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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