Drive – recover – drive hard to the basketball goal

In so many sports, including basketball, the ability to change direction and really drive earmarks a great player. You hear comments like, “He was all over me – no matter where I turned, he was there!”

You like to be the “he” in that statement. Getting between your opponent and his teammates or the basketball goal means you interfere with the team’s ability to score – and maybe even put you or someone on your team in a position to reverse position of the ball – results are frenzied screams from the bleachers … and maybe even wins on the record books.

The practice of “Drive and Recover” footwork can get you into the position you want to be in.

Players should always work on driving off the instep of one foot while extending with the other foot to cover distance. Once distance has been covered the player will then need to pull the other foot quickly back into proper stance position so the body is under control and balanced.

It sounds oh, so easy, but it takes a lot of bodily control and energy – and the other “e” word: endurance.

It’s not all just fancy footwork, but really intense footwork and putting the motions into the automatic motions your body remembers when you are playing basketball.

The automatic body memory applies to all the fundamental skills – you want them to be so natural that there is no thought to them – that’s when you can concentrate on the game and really apply the drive that every play demands – whether it’s a defensive move or a shot at the basketball hoop for points.

So, get out under that Goalrilla Basketball Goal installed in-ground next to your driveway or backyard court and practice – moves, shots, layups, fancy footwork, dribbling and other ball handling skills.

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