Practice under the basketball hoop: The Defensive Chair-to-Chair Drill

You can run the height on the Goalrilla Goal Basketball Goal in your home court all the way up to the 10-foot maximum because you won’t need the basketball or hoop for this drill. (Just keep it handy for a some practice some baskets if you have the energy left when you’re done with this drill.)

Two aspects of playing basketball are critical: skills and endurance. Every player needs to have solid fundamental skills to really be good on the court and making good use of the basketball goal. You know the players that are great – until the end of the game when they just run out of steam and can’t make those last-second drives and score the points. It takes both skill and endurance to really excel.

The Defensive Chair-to-Chair Drill works the player in two ways:

  1. it’s a great workout to build endurance and
  2. it’s a great skill-builder for defensive stance fundamentals and body position

The drill is simple as far as what is to be done, but there are a few things to remember and really pay attention to:

  • Stay in the defensive stance, keeping arms active – either out or pumping
  • Don’t gallop – keep steps short and choppy, but the head level
  • Focus on the drive and recover of the defensive slide
  • Make transitions quick and seamless
  • Practice with game-like intensity

The Drill:

The player will circle around the markers in a clockwise motion with the back to the basketball hoop. After 2 clockwise rotations (one set), switch and complete 2 counterclockwise rotations (1 set). Repeat to execute 4 sets – 2 in each direction.  

  • Set up two “chairs” (or cones or siblings or boxes – some marker) at the elbow positions on the free throw line.
  • Player starts in a defensive stance about 2 feet behind the marker on the right elbow – with back to basketball hoop.
  • Player executes a defensive slide just past the left chair on the left free throw line.
  • The player transitions to a forward movement that simulates a close out slide in front of the chair about 2 feet.
  • Transition back to a defensive stance and slide back to the right side chair.
  • After clearing the right side marker, step into a backpedal with arms pumping for about 2 feet to the start position.

Here at the Basketball Goal Store we can imagine parents setting this drill up after a long day at school so the kids have some intense, focused exercise to wear off some of the stored-up energy they bring home on the school bus – plus building some skill and endurance!

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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